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We Made it to Graduation!

In only six months, the goal of helping 90 HSE students graduate was within reach…

LearningQuest instructors worked with the students every chance they could to prepare them to earn that shimmering certificate.  Zachary Lake, an instructor recently awarded for his proactive attitude in the organization, tells his students “…that each step they take and each day they come to class to prepare leads them that much closer to realizing their dreams for success.”

In order to walk the stage at the Graduation & Awards Night, LearningQuest High School Equivalency (HSE) students were required to pass 5 tests in the following subjects: Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies.  They had to show up and work hard, even if it became difficult or if life aligned them with another hurdle to jump.  Zachary said, “I tell them that they should already feel pride in their decision to obtain their HSE, it is time worth spent. The challenges they face help make them more successful in the future and not only help them reach their goal of getting their HSE, but have far reaching positive consequences toward their overall success in life, whether through college, a career or beyond.”

Finally on March 30th, 2018, LearningQuest honored 89 graduates and 3 award winners:

Best Effort: Crista Davis

Most Improved: Mayra Gonzalez

Greatest Achievement: Juan Hernandez

There was a buzz of excitement and nervousness as the graduates mingled behind the Modesto High School auditorium, dressing in their purple cap and gown.  A sense of relief and nostalgia floated around them as they talked with instructors and reminisced with classmates on shared struggles and memorable moments.  Spirits soared as they walked into a cheering auditorium with “Pomp and Circumstance” trumpeting them down the aisle and into their seats.  Grinning, they crossed the stage as their names were called, and after the ceremony ended, dispersed into the crowds of roaring chants and embraces from proud family and friends.

Their time with LearningQuest was brief, but nonetheless a distinct instance where the path toward better things has become even more of a possibility.  These graduates have changed our lives as much as we have changed theirs and we wish them the best in everything they do.

Congratulations again to the 2018 Spring LearningQuest Graduates!

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