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Online and in-person workshops with one-on-one meetings for success


Transition Specialists in the College and Career Center help current adult students and HSE graduates fulfill their college and career goals.  Upon enrollment, HSE students meet with a Transition Specialist to decide on their post-graduation path.  Together, they plan milestone goals to reach while they're attending class so they can build the skills needed for college and/or career.  Working together from the beginning ensures student success.  Success for the student means success for the family they support. 


Below are the workshops and one-on-one guidance sessions provided in the College & Career Center.


Preparing for College

LearningQuest provides students with comprehensive services to prepare them for their next steps on the academic path to higher education.  Whether you choose community college or trade school, our staff is ready to help you with…

  • College Applications

  • Applying for Scholarships

  • Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Registering for College Courses

Preparing for Your Career

We encourage you to engage with Career Services early in your time at LearningQuest because a career is about much more than just finding a job, it’s about learning about yourself and how you might put your unique collection of talents to work. Career Services is the place to start on this journey!

  • Resume Writing

  • Job Searching

  • Professional Image

  • Interview Skills

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MicrosoftTeams-image (7).png

Writing & Digital Literacy Workshop

Using Microsoft Word students will create and type a persuasive essay to help them prepare for their actual HSE writing test.  Students will receive…

  • Guided support

  • Technical help with accessing computers

  • Practice using computer applications

Money Management Workshops

Our students participate in “Money Management” workshops. These workshops, partnered with other community-focused financial organizations, will help our students improve in the following areas:

  • Understanding Credit

  • Building Credit

  • Budgeting

  • Engage in real Q & A with financial professionals

College & Career Center: Programs

Success After Graduation

Michael Enriquez

Michael Enriquez graduated from Learning Quest Stanislaus Literacy Centers in 2012.  Since graduating, Michael has worked in the construction field and is currently employed with California Drywall doing metal stud framing and sheetrock. He attended classes with the goal of receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Construction Management.

He is so thankful for the staff and volunteer tutors for being so helpful.   When asked what advice would he give to a current student, Michael stated,


“Stick it out when you feel like giving up; it is well worth it.  If I had given up, I would not have been able to land a very well-paying and rewarding career. That piece of paper is the start to a bright future.”

Michael appreciates quality time with his family which includes his fiance and four children.  In his spare time, he likes visiting San Francisco, hiking, and fishing.  Great job Michael, we are so happy for your success!

College & Career Center: Who We Are

Questions about Transition Services?  Contact


Vanessa C.

Lead Transition Specialist


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Yanely G.

Program Manager of Transition Services

(English & Español)

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