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Learn English Together: Welcome

Learning English Together

Online and In-person classes and groups

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English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

In this program, adults will work to improve their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through activities and tailored lessons for each level. The classes will introduce conversational English, target vocabulary development, and basic reading and writing. These classes focus on helping individuals develop those skills to gain employment, progress in their education, improve digital literacy, help their children in school, or pursue other life opportunities.

  • Learning Quest offers online and in-person classes in different locations throughout Stanislaus County.

  • We offer different classes for different levels (Beginning – Advance).

  • The classes are two hours long, and they are held twice a week.

  • Classes and Textbooks are free!

English Conversation & Practice Class

Practice makes perfect! Students sharpen and advance their English listening and speaking skills in conversational class. Students can practice their English with other English-learners and their dedicated instructors.

  • Partnering with Stanislaus County Library

  • Weekly classes online and in-person

  • Collaborate with peers in small groups

  • Classes and required materials are free!

Citizenship Preparation Class

Individuals, who want to prepare for the citizenship test, can enroll in one of our citizenship classes.  Students can practice their English while learning about government and preparing for their test.

  • Learning Quest offers online and in-person classes in different locations throughout Stanislaus County.

  • The classes are two hours long, and they are held twice a week.

  • Classes and Textbooks are free!

Kids Club Program

Students, who are enrolled in the ESL classes, can bring their children (ages 3-12 years old) to our program while they are attending their classes.  Most of our sites provide free childcare for the parents attending our classes. Our staff not only takes care of the children but provide a curriculum that helps prepare them for school and help with their schoolwork. Following a set of weekly themes, the children work on different educational crafts while developing social skills and learning skills.

  • Run concurrently with the ESL program.

  • Only children of ESL students are eligible for this program.

  • Physical activity, lesson or class discussion, story time or book club, educational games, and homework help.

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Parent and Child Time (PACT) Class

Parents learn to support their children’s education. PACT class encourages parents and children to learn through play. Activities are designed to promote family connection and peer collaboration with other parents.

  • Classes are offered in spring and summer

  • In-person and online classes are available.

  • Parents work together with their children and participate in activities following different educational themes.

  • Classes are free!

  • All required materials are free as well!

Learn English Together: Programs
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Summer Schedule

Registration for Classes is Open

Call for more information

English Conversation Class

Mon & Wed     6 pm - 8 pm

May 1st - July 26th 

Online class

Enrollment: Open

Tues & Thurs     9 am - 11 am

May 2nd - July 27th 

Online class

Enrollment: Open

Citizenship Prep Class

Tues & Thurs     6 pm - 8 pm

May 2nd - July 27th

Online class

Enrollment: Open

Citizenship Workshop

Last Friday of every month

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Modesto Library

Enrollment: Open (All Year)

Parent And Child Time (PACT)

Mon & Wed     6:30 pm - 8 pm

May 1st - May 24th

Agnes Baptist Elementary School, Modesto

Enrollment: Open

Tues & Thurs     6 pm - 8 pm

May 2nd - May 25th

Adelante High School, Riverbank

Enrollment: Open

Learn English Together: Schedule
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Learn More

Call Gloria at 209-672-6582 or fill out this form to reserve your spot!

Thanks for submitting! An ESL team member will contact you as soon as possible.

Learn English Together: Sales Lead
Learn English Together: Meet the Team

Questions about the ESL program?  Contact



Juliana S.

Lead ESL Instructor


 (Arabic, Farsi, Assyrian)


Administrative Assistant

Gloria B.

Mohammad A. A.

Library ESL Site Coordinator

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