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Volunteer Tutors Needed

Unlock someone’s world through reading!

Many children with dyslexia and adults in our community have trouble reading.

Whether it’s a phone bill, a bus map, a book filled with adventure, or their child’s homework…

YOU are the key to unlocking their world.

We are always in need of compassionate tutors for the students waiting to be matched with a tutor.

LearningQuest's Adult Literacy and KidsQuest Office is located inside the Stanislaus County Library

1500 I St., Modesto, CA 95354



Tutors say...

“I’ve always like the Library and I absolutely love to read.  When I first heard about this program, I thought I’d like to try tutoring.  I’ve never been a teacher, so I felt a bit unsure, but since becoming part of the program, I’ve found that I absolutely love it.”   - Carla

“I enjoy teaching, I’ve learned to work with the student at their pace, make the material your own and listen to their needs and goals – and most of all enjoy and have fun”   - Mike 

Why Tutor?

It is really about wanting to share your love of reading with someone ready to learn.  You will directly impact a student's life and their ability to reach their literacy goals.

Tutors are in demand by with adults and dyslexic children hoping to finally break through their literacy barriers.

You can help them do that.


Tutoring Sessions

Students and tutors meet consistently twice a week for 90-minute sessions for at least 6 months.  Tutoring sessions can be held online or in-person based on the agreement between student and tutor.

Students and tutors are matched based on preferences such as schedule and reading level.

In partnership with the Library

In-person tutoring sessions and student and volunteer services are centrally located at the LearningQuest wing of the Stanislaus County Library at 1500 I St., Modesto, CA 95354.

LearningQuest staff is on hand at all times to support you.

LearningQuest has partnered with the Stanislaus County Library to provide a spacious cubicle area for individualized learning.  Funding from California Library Literacy Services provides all needed student and volunteer materials and support services.

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Experience welcome, but not necessary

Whether you have a Ph.D. or a passion for reading comics, all are welcome.

Tutors share their passion for reading and learning with their students.  All tutors will go through curriculum training and planning that best fits the goals and speed of progress for each of their students.  You will help students reach milestone goals while they learn at their own pace. 

We are always in need of caring tutors to generously share their time with adults waiting for tutoring services.

Learn more about becoming a tutor HERE

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Volunteer Tutor Events

Stanislaus County Library
1500 I St., Modesto, CA 95354

New Volunteer Training

Aug 25, 2022

Call Rose or Katelynn at 209-558-4505 to RSVP


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Rose Jurado

Adult Literacy Site Coordinator


“I feel humble and grateful to be a part of the Library Literacy program.  It is an absolute pleasure to work with the amazing tutors and students in our program.  Our tutors are awesome, they share the vision and are dedicated to the mission, empowering their students to reach their goals and meet their full potential.  It is such an honor to work with learners that are devoted and driven to meet their goals and full potential.”


Cathy Ferrell

KidsQuest Program Coordinator & Reading Specialist