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Scholarship Drive provides opportunity to double the impact of your donation

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every dollar you gave to support learning could go twice as far? Well, IT CAN – thanks to a generous grant from the Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation. For the second year, Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation has earmarked $10,000 in matching funds for the LearningQuest GED Scholarship Drive.

We launched the scholarship program last year as a way to expand our ability to provide GED tutoring in and we have done just that.  Fifty-four students received scholarships last year. At the present time, more than 30 students are receiving scholarship assistance at a cost of about $3,000 per month.

Students put a greater value on learning when they understand what it costs. Students who are awarded scholarships must maintain attendance and participation in order to receive scholarships. We have seen strong results in increased attendance and completion of out-of-class assignments.

Last year’s scholarship drive raised $26,500; we hope to raise $30,000 this year. The scholarship drive will conclude on April 30, so please don’t wait to make your donation to this cause and support LearningQuest’s  efforts to educate adults for a better tomorrow.  I am available anytime to speak with you personally to tell you more about our program and how your generosity benefits our amazing students.

Click this link to donate now to the scholarship fund:

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