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Q & A with Mallory Cantu

Mallory Cantu & Family

Mallory Cantu [far right], a LearningQuest Welfare to Work HSE 2020 Graduate, with her daughters

“Be a better role model for my kids” – Mallory Cantu

Mallory Cantu started her journey at LearningQuest in January of 2020 as a Welfare to Work student.  After only five short months and dedication to studying, she finally earned her High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma, removing one more barrier on her journey.  Meet Mallory:

LearningQuest (LQ): Where did you grow up and what was life like?

Mallory (M): I grew up in El Centro, a small town where everyone knew everyone. Life was good and I had a good childhood.

LQ: What stopped you from finishing High School?

M: I got pregnant toward the end of ninth grade and never went back.

LQ: Why did you decide to earn your diploma?

M: Be a better role model for my kids.

LQ: Did you have any struggles in the classroom? If so, what were they?

M: No, everything was amazing.

LQ: Were there things (like family, work, etc.) outside of the classroom that made focusing on or completing classwork difficult? If so, what were they?

M: No, I always made time for my schoolwork.

LQ: What are some things that helped you stay motivated, focused and determined?

M: My kids and my goals.

LQ: How do you use what you’ve learned in the classroom in your everyday life or at work?

M: When I cook, my measuring skills kick in, or even when I’m going shopping and I see a shirt that’s 35% off – I start calculating.

LQ: What are your educational goals?

M: To study a little of kinesiology until I can actually get the classes I need to be a physical therapy assistant.

LQ: How would reaching your educational goals impact your family/children?

M: My kids would be so excited.

LQ: What are your career goals?

M: To become a physical therapy assistant.

LQ: What advice do you have for your fellow students?

M: Keep pushing.

LQ: What advice do you have for people who haven’t started working on their educational goals?

M: It’s a great experience and well worth it.

LQ: Would you like to thank anyone important to your success at LearningQuest?

M: My teacher (Mrs. Josephine Alexander-Hutchins) for sure for giving me the help I needed!

LQ: Thank you so much for choosing to reach your goals with us at LearningQuest, your presence here has been greatly appreciated. Anything else you’d like to share?

M: Thank you LearningQuest team! You guys are amazing!

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