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Our Story

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The core purpose of LearningQuest dates back to the late 80s when local warehouses brought in new computerized technology for their workers, but realized that employees did not know how to read!  Employees had memorized what labels looked like, not read what was written on them.  The Volunteer Center brought tutors into the workplace to help those adults learn how to read and save their jobs.  The Volunteer Center became the Stanislaus Literacy Center (SLC) since adult tutoring became its focus.  Over time, the community called for even more services, such as the High School Equivalency diploma, college/career guidance, and learning English, which pushed SLC to make the necessary evolution into the full-service adult literacy agency it is today: LearningQuest – Stanislaus Literacy Centers, with the mission of empowering adults through educational services and improving self-reliance for the family.

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