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Overcoming Obstacles

Born and raised in China, Hongying Liu's life was extremely hard growing up. She did not have the money nor the support system to attend school, which forced her to leave her hometown at the early age of sixteen and begin working.

After marrying her husband and making the courageous move to the United States in 2013, she found herself in a whole new environment. Unable to speak, read, or understand English, with two young children, and her husband away for work at lengthy times throughout the year, she struggled daily to navigate this new world she called home. Finally, in 2017, she decided she wanted a more meaningful life and found the free literacy services at LearningQuest.

After struggling for so long to understand and navigate this world, Hongying could finally overcome the obstacles set before her. She could improve her English, get a quality education, and begin her life anew all at no cost. She couldn’t wait to get started.

In joining our adult literacy program, Honying was paired with her volunteer tutor, Dana Coates, and the journey for a better life began. Thankfully, her tutor Dana provided her with not only the tools to succeed in school but also the tools to help her succeed as a parent.

Hongying shared, “Dana was the best, she was not only a tutor, but she was also a doctor for my soul, a second mom.”

Hongying Liu’s motto “Just keep learning” rang true when she not only went on to receive her High School Diploma from LearningQuest but also graduated from her CNA program and began her career in the nursing field this summer.

“I am so grateful...I appreciate LearningQuest giving me the chance to achieve my goal. Thank you to everyone who helped along the way!”

- Hongyin Liu

Thanks to our supporters this year, Hongying was given a gift that she struggled to find anywhere else. The gift of literacy showed Hongying how to believe in herself and that she can overcome anything.

Just like Hongying, all our students have an important story and challenges they must face. I urge you to join me this Holiday Season as a partner in keeping our programs accessible to all and at no cost to students.

Please consider giving the gift of literacy this holiday season. Your gift will help students, like Hongying, read a book to their child, earn their diploma, receive assessment & and training services, apply for a job, and so much more.

With a goal of raising $40,000 before December 31, 2023, please consider the impact of your support and how many lives we will be able to change together. Your generosity will help students obtain their goals, give them all the tools they need, and empower them with the confidence that comes with knowing that there is a community that believes in them.

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