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LQ college prep program offers a clear path from probation to college

When Veronica Nunez was released from County Jail, she was determined to continue her education. While incarcerated, Nunez had earned her HSE (High School Equivalency) certificated through LearningQuest’s jail program. Her goal was to go to college, but like many students, early placement testing showed she would need remedial work in math before beginning college-level courses. In Nunez’s case, this would have meant up to four semesters of non-credit courses, costing time and money that she did not have.

Fortunately, Nunez was able to benefit from a new college prep program created by LearningQuest to help motivated students who are currently on probation, prepare for the college placement test. LQ Program Director Hallie VanDeventer initiated the program in response to data which showed that many students who enter college begin with remedial classes and take too long to reach their goal; many students grow discouraged and drop out. The goal of LQ’s college prep class is to help students prepare for the college placement test so that they can score higher and begin at college level instead of with remedial classes.

“The college prep program serves students who are still in probation and are high school graduates, students with a HSE or students about to obtain their HSE and what to go to college,” states Correctional Program Manager Isela Gutierrez, pictured above. Along with Jail Instructor Zachary Lake, Gutierrez provides instruction at Day Reporting Center and inside the jail..

For Nunez and others on probation who will soon be exiting the correctional system, the program offers the chance to continue her education and stay on track for a better life after incarceration. With high recidivism rates a sad reality, the program offers an alternative to highly motivated individuals like Nunez who are eager to move forward and succeed.

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