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Kim Didn't Give Up

Lots of kiddos have a hard time reading in class - you may even know one or have felt that way yourself. Kim wanted support for her daughter, Lilah, and found LearningQuest's free tutoring for children with dyslexia...

"Hi there,

I'm Lilah's mom, Kim! Reading was a huge obstacle for me as a child. My mom worked with me at home, but knew I needed more. The school did not make it easy for her to get me help so she found resources through the County and Stan State. I spent many summer hours in classes. The only reason I've been able to read, complete college, and teach for over 20 years is because my mom never gave up. My job is to help Lilah be the best person she can be.

I noticed that Lilah started to avoid reading in first grade. Since she wasn't struggling enough, I was told that the school didn't have the resources to test her. Cathy, at KidsQuest, helped me learn what I needed to do to get the school to do their part. She screened Lilah and found some reading difficulties that KidsQuest could help her through.

Lilah is always smiling and bubbly at the end of tutoring. I can see that she applies strategies when reading some pretty tough words and has found the confidence to read. Her attitude about herself changed for the better. These services change how a child values their self as a learner. Knowing that she will not think as negatively about herself as I did as a student makes me very hopeful for her.

Free literacy services means my confident, happy girl will not be beat down by reading. These programs run on the generosity of donors and invested volunteer tutors - thank you all for giving my daughter the tools to work through academic struggles.

To fellow parents, don't give up. Be your child's advocate and find someone who can help. There are roadblocks, but keep making phone calls and asking questions - you will find the help your child needs.

- Kim Philmon

(KidsQuest parent and Lilah's mom/#1 fan)

We believe that literacy bridges the gap to success for our students and the families they impact.

Many families share the same hope and determination shown in Kim and Lilah's story. That tenacity to learn is what fuels us to provide caring and high-quality educational programs for our adult and child students. Keeping our programs free and ensuring students are connected with all the resources they need continues to be the best solution for barriers they experience in and out of home.

Help us reach our $20,000 goal to get students the resources and services that matter. Learn more about the Bridge the Gap fundraiser (Aug 1-31) below

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