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Evening GED program is providing opportunities for students

In Feburary, 2014, we launched a fee-based Evening GED class but provided scholarships for students in need.  There are 27 students who received a scholarship to attend these classes and so far, $6,350 has been used to

assist students in attending the classes.   There is both an English GED class and a Spanish GED class.   Here are some of the things our students had to say about how this class and the scholarship is helping them.

Four Quotes from the English GED class:

This is my second chance in life, they say you start living at 40 well I am 2 years past that, it took me that 2 years to learn that you have to do something for life to start. This is my first step to start living and I am really happy with my choice. This class has benefited me in more ways than one but most of all it’s given me an overall security within myself. So I thank you for giving me my confidence back. I feel very privileged to be given the chance to attend and be a part of this organization.

–Theresa Aguirre

I feel this class has given me confidence that I lacked before, I enjoy being here learning.

The things that have been taught have been done so in away that doesn’t make us feel dumb. I want to say thank you to all the people who help put this together.

–Rosemary Macias

I feel this class has benefited me in so many ways. I have gained self confidence. I have been able to help my twins, who are in 4th grade, with their homework. I have been able to wake up my brain and get it to learn things again. I have determination, I have a drive to follow through with this more that anything I can think of besides sobriety and faithfulness to Jesus

–Linda Dominguez

I feel my progress in school is good for my level. I know I learn slowly and find it hard to keep what I’ve learned in my brain, its easy for me to forget then need some refreshing to say “oh year,  I remember that.” I wish I had more free time to dedicate to my study or understood more about computers for when I need extra tutoring. I am very glad I was able to get into the class and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned already, it probably doesn’t seem like a lot but to me it’s a lot. I’m thankful for the people who are behind this wonderful organization and that are helping all of us. Thank you all.

–Miriah Martinez

Spanish GED class

Four quotes from students in Spanish GED

My name is William Rodriguez and I am grateful for the help that I was given in order to follow my dream to continue my education. It means a lot to me because I am alone in this country and I could not pay for the classes on my own. Some days are harder than others since most of us work and it’s hard to find time to study but I made a commitment to continue my education and to ultimately study medicine. Someday I wish to help people who suffer from diabetes, for I just recently lost a family member due to this illness. To all those that are helping to me to fulfill my dream I promise you that I will not disappoint you.

It is important to have my GED as its going to help me obtain a better job and eventually better my future. Obtaining this grant will be of great help for me and I do not want to put it to waste. I will take advantage of this grant while it lasts. I promise to give it my all and to not let you all down. Once again, thank you very much for all of your support!

– Adriana Hernandez

For me it is very important to receive this scholarship as it allows me to have the possibility of changing my future. Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain my high school diploma in my country due to economic reasons. I want to contribute something positive to the Latino community so that we can make a difference. Si se puede!

-Laura Soto

I want to give a big thanks to the people that are helping both my colleagues and I with the scholarships. Obtaining my GED is very important to me as it would help me to obtain a better job and a higher salary. I want to be able to give my son a better life.  He is my motivation and for whom I’m here today. Thank you again.

-Zaira Aguilar

It is important to me to obtain this scholarship as it is preparing me to be able to get my GED. I plan on furthering my education when I get my Diploma and obtain a better job.  For several years I have worked hard in the agricultural field and because its one of the lowest paid and hardest jobs in this country, obtaining my GED would dramatically change my life. I will finally be able to give my children a better life. Thank you from the bottom on my heart.

-Erika Rodriguez 

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