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Caring for Kelly’s Granddaughters

Lily and Ailee

Lily and Ailee posing for a picture.

Kelly Carreon knew that her granddaughters, Lily and Ailee, already struggled so much with reading.  The support services they had been receiving for years at school weren’t helping and distance learning during COVID made it worse.  Kelly searched for tutoring specialized in learning disorders to help them catch up and found KidsQuest.  Since enrolling the girls in January, they’ve been able to access trained tutors and the Barton Reading & Spelling System at no cost. Kelly says,

“I can’t express enough how much it means that there are people out there who care. When I pick them up from their tutoring sessions, they’re just beaming.”

Here’s our interview with Kelly…

LearningQuest (LQ):  Tell us about education and literacy in your family.

Kelly (K): As far as I can remember, I have never had problems with learning.  I went all the way up to college, but I didn’t get my degree.  Still, I never really struggled so when I saw my granddaughters (Lily, 11 years old, and Ailee, 9 years old) struggling, I really was kind of at a disadvantage.  I didn’t understand that there were people who actually struggled in comprehending or learning.  It honestly opened my eyes to something I didn’t really understand.

So when they were struggling, I didn’t know how to handle it. I did my research and looked around, b