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A Race to the Finish

Updated: May 28

Newly Graduated, Shari, stands in her purple cap and gown holding her diploma with pride.

Shari’s adventure with LearningQuest dates back to 2020 when she enrolled in the high school equivalency (HSE) program to earn her diploma. During the beginning of her enrollment, the COVID pandemic struck our community, causing in-person learning to halt and students’ program participation to shift in a major way.

As we know, many students prefer in-person learning rather than a computer screen. This is why Shari did not continue with the program online and decided to attempt the GED exam on her own. She worked diligently to get through all subjects of the GED but unfortunately could not reach a passing score on the math portion.

Fast forward to May 7th, 2024, and Shari finds herself in a unique and urgent situation. She applied for a Case Manager position and was offered the job, contingent on earning her HSE diploma by the 21st, in just two weeks. Shari remembered the program LearningQuest offers and came to the office for orientation.

With a fast deadline approaching, it was imperative that Shari started taking classes and practice testing right away. So, she did! Shari dedicated her mornings and afternoons to in-person classes, and one-on-one tutoring sessions, and began testing on May 10th. She was able to pass 4 out of 5 exams on the first try, scoring college-ready-level in reading and social studies.  Math was a challenge, but Shari passed her second attempt on the 17th, making her a graduate in just 10 days! Now she can fully accept her new job and step into the career path she always dreamed of.

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