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2020 Fall Graduation – A Drive Thru Success!

Roxanne Quinones, a grandmother caring for her family, graduated earlier this year before the pandemic took over the world. LearningQuest wanted to make sure that Roxanne and the other 87 adults who earned their High School Equivalency diploma since last Fall were still able to experience the once-in-a-lifetime moment of a graduation celebration. Their accomplishments were acknowledged at LearningQuest’s first drive-thru graduation on Thursday, October 1st, in the CrossPoint Church parking lot.

LearningQuest staff welcomed graduates with posters, pompoms, music, and balloons as they arrived to receive their certificates. Families followed in their cars with screams and honking horns as they cheered on their graduate. Community-focused organizations and individuals, like MID, VBC Bottling Co., and state representatives, also supported this moment for the LearningQuest graduates. This celebration was a success as adults, like Roxanne, who’ve worked hard on their goals saw that there is a community of people applauding their commitment to changing their lives.

“When you have a goal set in mind, GO FOR IT, regardless of your finances and home life. There are so many programs out there and LearningQuest has made ways for us to complete our goals and to do so within ways that meet our means. We allow ourselves to let things we are struggling with get in the way of our goals and you have to use your determination to get through it. It is hard, but it can be done.” – Roxanne Quinones

Roxanne Quinones

Roxanne Quinones

Michael White with his family

Michael White with his family

Graduate, Elizabeth DeHart (right), gives flowers to her instructor, Irene Ramirez (left)

Graduate, Elizabeth DeHart (right), gives flowers to her instructor, Irene Ramirez (left)

Check out all the photos from the LearningQuest’s first drive thru Graduation in the Facebook photo album below!

2019-2020 LearningQuest Graduates

Juan C. Albor

Augustine Alonso*

Abelino Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez*

Jaklin Amiri

Rosario Banuelos

Claudio Barron

Sibei Becerril

Juana  Cabrera

Juan M.  Calixto*

Mallory Cantu

Rosalia Cardenas Gonzalez

Maria Cervantes

Richard Chavez

Michelle Cimino

Elizabeth Dehart

Celia Diaz

Juan M.  Dimas

Trina M. Duenas

Shawn Elliott

Libier Escamilla*

Diana Isela Estrada

Vincent Fernando

Tyler J. Fite-Parks

Maria Del Carmen Flores

Idania Fuentes

Juan  Garcia

Rigoberto Garcia Medina*

Tonatee Gentry*

Johnny Gonzales

Maria  Gonzales

Abigail Gonzalez

Beatriz  Gonzalez*

Guadalupe Guerrero

Laniza Guiang

Monica Gutierrez

Xane Z. Hernandez

Larry Hinkston

Jason House*

Delilah Hurtado

Yessenia Jimenez

Chethan Kommu

Vanessa Laccetti

Michael Lane

Miguel Lopez

Rigoberto Lopez

Jose Lopez

Anthony Mancilla

Jordan Masangcay

Jazmin  Melgarejo Luna

Virginia Melius*

Hayry  Mineo Sauceda

Michael Modaresi

Christopher Morales

Heidy Moscoso Monroy

Theresia Ngefor

Benjamin Nunez

Rosalba Ochoa*

Estella Ortiz

Aida Pablo

Jerymia  Parker*

Karina Pineda

Roxanne Quinones

John Rainey*

Ana Karen Ramirez

David Ramos*

Alice Razo

Jennifer Rocca*

Jennifer Rogers

Moises Rosas Diaz

Yajaira Salinas

Alberto Sanchez

Jonathan Sangster

Paul Segovia*

Tyrone Smith

Melissa Soto*

Emily Souza*

Jose Toledo

Bethany Tyler

Guadalupe Valverde

Tatiana Vargas

Adela  Vera

Luz del Carmen Vilchis

Michael White

William Williams

Nathan Willis

Brian R.D. Woody

Ramon Zavala

* Graduated with Honors

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