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Success after graduation: Michael Enriquez

Michael Enriquez graduated from Learning Quest Stanislaus Literacy Centers in 2012.  Since graduating, Michael has worked in the construction field and is currently employed with California Drywall doing metal stud framing and sheetrock. He is also attending classes with the goal of receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Construction Management.

He is so thankful for the staff and volunteer tutors for being so helpful.   When asked what advice would he give to a current student, Michael stated, “Stick it out when you feel like giving up; it is well worth it.  If I had given up, I would not have been able to land a very well paying and rewarding career. That piece of paper is the start to a bright future.”

Michael appreciates quality time with his family which includes his fiance, three children and one more on the way.  In his spare time, also likes visiting San Francisco, hiking and fishing.  Great job Michael, we are so happy for your success!

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