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Changing Worlds: Mike DeZego

Updated: May 23

LearningQuest volunteer literacy tutor, Mike DeZego, began his volunteer tutor journey on March 12, 2020, which was unfortunately during the worldwide Covid pandemic.  However, due to his passion for helping others, he was willing to tutor an adult via telephone and eventually outside of the Modesto Library using the outdoor portico with the appropriate Covid protocol. 


Since 2020, he has tutored seven second language learners and each student has gained one to two grade levels utilizing the CASAS Comprehensive Test. He has helped his students pass the citizenship test, get job promotions, and pass a work-related exam. 


He is currently tutoring two Catholic Nuns of Sisters of the Holy Cross to help them improve their English reading, writing, and communication skills. 


Mike shared with LearningQuest’s Library Literacy Staff that once he graduated from college, he joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corp and spent six months teaching English on the Apache Reservation in New Mexico. 

“Literacy, for me, this doesn’t mean “hocus pocus” illusion.  Literacy is the key to opening doors to so many places and ideas, transforming the mind with tales and information.  It is understanding history and adventures as well as understanding the job." - Mike DeZego

Mike embodies the true spirit of altruism and community service.  His dedication, passion, and selflessness make him an invaluable asset to LearningQuest and our community.  

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