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KidsQuest Reading & Spelling Academy: Welcome

Reading & Spelling Academy


In-person STEM classes of up to 10 children in 4th-6th grade meet once a week.

Reading & Spelling Academy (RSA) is located inside the Modesto Learning Center


1032 11th St., Modesto, CA 95354


KidsQuest Reading & Spelling Academy: Who We Are
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70% - 80%

of children in minority and high poverty schools do not have proficient reading skills

KidsQuest Reading & Spelling Academy: Get Involved

When "Sound it Out" Doesn't Work

Getting to the Root of the Word

Telling a child to “sound it out” only works part of the time so we use Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) to instead ask them,


“What does the word mean?” 

"How is the word built?"


This eight-week class is taught by credentialed instructors to help students understand the logic behind English spelling and how English words are structured.  By using hands-on STEM activities to develop this understanding, students improve the ability to encode (spell) and decode (read) words based on the true structure of the English language, which may also improve their vocabulary. 

Each class is limited in size and grouped by age to stimulate individualized learning while still promoting peer collaboration.

Registration Fee: $200

(50% scholarships available)

KidsQuest Reading & Spelling Academy: Text
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RSA Impact

"My daughter is a reluctant learner.  She is in 3rd grade and resists any form of additional help beyond school time.  We have tried tutoring services and it was a battle every time to get her to go.


The Reading & Spelling Academy approach was fun and engaging enough that she went willingly.  To me, that is a win already. 


The best measure I have for the academic impact is her spelling tests.  Before she started the class she would get around 4 out of 10 words correct.  The last spelling test she brought to me she had 9 out of 10 correct. 


I really do not care if she can master a list of words for a week.  I do care that, prior to the class, each week she was disappointed in herself.  She now has some tools to be confident and successful.  This has helped how she sees herself as a learner.  I am pleased with the outcome."

Kim Philmon, RSA Parent

KidsQuest Reading & Spelling Academy: Text

"The Reading & Spelling Academy was wonderful for my son.  I have seen an improvement with his spelling in his class.  It gave him good knowledge on base words and how they can be changed with prefixes and suffixes.

I would definitely sign him up again if there were another class.  Anything to help him improve on reading and spelling."

Maria Colombo, RSA Parent

KidsQuest Reading & Spelling Academy: Text

Questions about the Reading & Spelling Academy? Contact

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Amanda Sackett

Program Coordinator


KidsQuest Reading & Spelling Academy: Sales Lead
KidsQuest Reading & Spelling Academy: Meet the Team
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